June 24, 2015  |  'The Rock' Reinvents Himself in HBO's “Ballers”

'The Rock' Reinvents Himself in HBO's “Ballers”

He’s back!  Not that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ever went anywhere.  He’s one of the most successful ‘reinvent myself’ kind of athletes/entertainers I’ve ever seen -- kinda like Michael Strahan.  But in this newest endeavor, the HBO original series “Ballers” puts the Rock in the incredibly enticing role of a former athlete turned sports agent.  With the combination of power, money, fast cars, nice suits and an NFL backdrop, what better person to represent that than Dwayne Johnson.

“Ballers” is stepping into the spotlight with a little bit of controversy though.  According to Business Insider, HBO uses NFL team uniforms and logos without getting permission from the NFL.  But the same online magazine says HBO doesn’t need the NFL’s consent as long as it depicts the league accurately.

And yes, there will likely be plenty of eyes on this show.  Aside from showing some of the pro-athlete life, it’s being called a comedy -- although the trailer makes it look more like a drama.  Plus it’s been described as a slightly different kind of acting role for Johnson, so I’m assuming it’s very different from “The Game Plan.”  It’s also his third attempt at a TV gig, following “The Hero” and “Wake Up Call.” 

But this show is different.  Episodes will reportedly have quite a few celebrity appearances, and The Rock is listed as one of the show’s producers, along with Mark Wahlberg.  That, in and of itself, seems like a mega combination!

“Ballers” premiered June 21st at 10PM EST.