Tykes – Privacy Policy

Tykes exists as an entertainment focused company. The information collected (email addresses) from the website (tykes.co) is only to be used in contest drawings and news alerts. No information collected will be distributed to any 3rd party companies or mailing lists. Email addresses are submitted directly form users on the website. Users must verify that they are above the age of 13 years old to enter contests. Users under the age of 13 must provide a parent’s email address in addition to their own.


Tykes’ contests are primarily focused around delivering personalized caricatures to winners. Upon selection, a short questionnaire will be sent to the winner of the contest. Things requested will include a) name, b) favorite sport/athlete/team, c) birthday (DD/MM), d) a photo will be requested only so Tyke artists can achieve the personalized likeness of all contest winners. This information will only be requested from contest winners and will not be used or distributed in any other way than to deliver a customized Tyke character to contest winners.

Tykes contest submittals are managed by Jason Woullard (tykescontests@gmail.com).

Parental Rights

In accordance with COPPA, Tykes will honor any request made from a parent to remove a child’s information from any communications or contest lists.

A child or a parent can remove themselves or their children from mailing communications.